• alaska

    Wild Planet Nature Tours traverses the Northern Slope habitats that span across Alaska, therefore targeting a large variety of species, including mammals and birds that inhabit these remote and scenic places. Read more about this tour.

  • guatamala

    Guatemala harbors about 720 species of birds, yet is one of the smallest countries in the world, covering about 42,000 square miles. Its habitat diversity is exemplified from seacoast on both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, to volcanic peaks reaching 13,000 feet. With this range lies a diversity of habitat resulting in seven biome regions and accordingly a wide diversity of fauna and flora. Read more about this tour.

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Join us in Western Montana with one of the largest concentrations of wintering birds of prey in the western United States. January 9th -13th. 2020 Registration now open!  


Join us for five days of owl observation and research. The state of Montana holds the largest number of breeding owl species in any state in the United States. May 4th-8th, 2020.   2020 Registration now open!  


Join us on an amazing trip witnessing emerging spring in Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is one of the greatest places for viewing large mammals, geothermal features, and scenic grandeur. April 9th- 14th, 2020 2020 Registration now open!